How does and underachiever become an achiever overnight? Well, fake educational documents of course! I definitely don’t recommend anyone get a fake college degree in order to fast track their career, but I’ve certainly seen a lot of it around over the years and that’s not just degrees either. BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKE DRIVERS LICENCE of various kinds, specific educational certificates at various levels, press passes, in fact you name it I’ve probably seen it, but quite often using fake documents ends in tears.

The opening healine was not meant to patronize anyone who has little or no schooling accomplishment. In actual fact, some of the most successful people I know have excelled in life with a very poor educational background. I was simply using the line to emphasize the point about phony papers and fake college degrees.

The streets of Bangkok, Thailand, and other South East Asian countries are infamous for knocking up fake college degrees, teaching certificates, international student identity cards and the like. What’s more, is that many folks get away with using these papers without ever getting exposed, but then there are others who do get caught, and the consequences can be quite severe, depending where it is you get caught and what purposes you were using the forged papers for.

It’s all very well getting qualified as a doctor for a $100 bucks, but if you don’t know the difference between a headache and a hysterectomy, then you really are playing with fire. But it’s understandable why fake college degrees are tempting to those that never got the chance to get educated through circumstances beyond their control, but believe me, education is no longer just for the youth or privileged of society.

In fact, my grandmother got a bachelors degree at Cambridge University at the ripe old age of 82 years old. No, she wasn’t about to launch a new career, but she came from a generation where a woman’s place was in the home, chained to the kitchen sink as it were, but she just wanted to prove to herself and the world that she wasn’t stupid.

Educational documents don’t prove that someone is necessarily smarter than someone without them, or that they are going to be more competent in a particular role, but what they do provide to employers are indicators. They indicate that the person with them has a definite academic level of achievement and an ability to learn new things, and although the uneducated one might even be better suited for the position, he has no papers to back up his claims, so it’s a guessing game most employers don’t play.

You might be able to hop online and find out how to obtain a fake college degree with ease, but just remember, you have to live with a lie. You could also get caught out! But all that aside, a fake college degree in business management doesn’t make you a business manager, just as a fake pilot’s license won’t have you flying folks across the Atlantic as a captain. There really is no substitute for the real McCoy, and with so many fulltime, part time, online and offline educational options around these days, there’s no excuse why any average person should not be able to get properly educated if they so wish.

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