The Recommended Dimensions for 2 Stall Garage Plans

A 2 stall edomnd epoxy floors is now becoming the standard for homeowners who want to have a secure place to store or park their cars. And that’s for a lot of good reasons, which we’re going to enumerate and discuss in this article. Before anything else, 2 stall garage plans are what you need. Either you buy one from a home improvement store or from the internet. Nevertheless, there are a few guidelines to be considered once you’re in the planning stages of building a 2 stall garage.

The common advice in building for a 2 stall garage is to use 20×20 dimensions. While that size can accommodate 2 cars, it does feel a bit congested. Not to mention that your garage can also serve as an extra storage space for the ‘things that you don’t want in the house but could be handy later’. It’s better to go with a 24×24 garage. Why so big? Let’s do some number crunching to answer that question.

Most families use a Ford or an SUV as a family car so let’s use those as our examples. A Ford’s length is measured at 19′ while an SUV is at 16′. If you use the 20×20 standard for a 2 car garage for the 2 stall garage plans, you’ll have one foot between the garage door and the car if you’re using a Ford, and then 4 feet if you’re using an SUV. For the Ford, it’s going to be difficult to move from one side of the car to the other, and while it’s easy to do that for an SUV, the space you have left won’t be enough for a standard size work table.

Now you might say that you can back up the car a little bit, or that you don’t need that extra space. That’s the usual reaction from someone in the pre-planning stages of building a 2 car garage, but as the years go by, you’d soon realize the many things your garage could have been used for once your home feels congested due to lack of storage space. You might also mull over how comfortable the garage can be as a workspace or how you could fit the motor bike you’ve just bought only to find out that there’s not enough space in the garage.

So let’s say you went for the 24×24 dimensions for your 2 car garage. If you have both the SUV and the Ford, or maybe a Chevy Trailblazer (well, take your pick!), just imagine the many possibilities the extra space can give you. If you only have one car, you can use the garage to play pool, or maybe a poker table where you can invite your friends for poker night.

Another advantage with using a 24×24 garage is that there’s less risk of your cars getting scraped every time you go in and out of the garage. You won’t have to go over the hassle of re-parking one car if the other can’t get in due to an error in parking. Lastly, your home’s resale value will go up due to a bigger garage.

Now that you know the advantages of having a bigger (albeit slightly) 2 stall garage, you’d best incorporate the 24×24 dimensions once you have your 2 stall garage plans laid out.

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