Oyster Mushroom Grow Kits – An Easier Way of Growing Mushrooms

Oyster Trippin morty mushroom bar are probably one of the nicest tasting mushrooms available to buy in the shops, but not many people know that they are actually one of the easiest types of fungi to grow yourself at home. All you need to do is buy yourself an oyster mushroom grow kit and follow the instructions given.

Many garden centres sell mushroom grow kits but these are usually for the closed cup or button mushrooms, which are the small white variety which are the most common. These mushrooms only cost around 2 pounds in the supermarkets for about 300grams yet the kits are about 6 pounds and you only usually end up harvesting around 150 grams of mushroom! As you can see the kits for this variety of mushroom don’t tend to be very good value for money, and they have an extremely high failure rate because it is far harder to grow this type of mushroom then it is to grow the Oyster mushroom.

Oyster mushroom grow kits consists of just a straw bag, a cable tie and a small packet of mushroom spawn. Oyster, or Pleutorus Ostreatous are a very prominent type of mushroom and they tend to always grow so no-one should have a problem with growing their own at home. They have a very delicate and meaty flavour, some people liken it to the taste of chicken and so they are very popular with vegetarians.

The home grown variety of Oyster mushrooms will invariably taste better then the shop variety, usually because yours will be much fresher (you can simply pick them and eat them when you like, whereas shop ones have been picked days before they are on your dinner plate) and yours shouldn’t ever need to be packaged or have to travel far (Oysters are delicate and don’t really like to be transported). When you grow anything yourself it will usually taste better anyway because it is far more rewarding to have grown something all by yourself.

The Oyster mushroom growing kits are so simple to use. You will simply open the straw bag up, pour in boiling water, leave it to stand for about an hour, drain the water off, allow it to cool and then pour in the bag of mushroom spawn. Leave the bag in a warm place for the mycelium to start to grow through the straw which takes about 2 weeks, and then move to a cooler damper place to encourage the Oysters to grow. Cut the bag when they start to form (allowing them to develop outside of the bag) and then you are done – you will be able to grow and eat your own Oyster mushrooms at home.

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