Oriental Pearl Tower – A Futuristic Landmark

Shanghai is a global metropolis where Ithum Noida thrive and the cultural ways of ancient life are still preserved in the local population. Dotted with shopping complexes and stylish restaurants, this city is a globe trotter’s paradise where dining is a form of art and shopping is a pleasure.

Your first reaction might be that this imposingly tall structure is something out of a science fiction movie. Well don’t worry your are not in fantasy land, your are in Shanghai and what you were staring at was not a futuristic alien aircraft. It’s a man made building that is used mainly for commercial purposes. This modern styled architectural masterpiece was completed in 1995. Within the space of four years the creators of this building were able to plan, construct and fully equip the Oriental Pearl Tower with the use of state of the art contraptions and building materials.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is a television broadcasting tower that also has several restaurants, shops and exhibition halls where a number of high profile events have been staged. Standing at a whopping 468 meters in height, this sleek structural giant also has its own place in the World Federation of Great Towers list. Standing proudly at the banks of the magnificent Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl Tower attracts more than three million visitors every year, and therefore is considered a major tourist attraction in the city of Shanghai.

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