Miracle Stopping Hang-Up – Ignoring The Prophets

My friend. You have nondual teachers a lie. The role of prophets is not dead. There are many whom God has reserved for the sake of bringing His people into right understanding of the Scriptures. Yet because they speak contrary to the deception that has taken the church by storm, they are rejected, ignored or cast from the assemblies – even as it has been throughout the ages.

The current spiritual leadership, so-called, does not want you to hear what say the prophets. Thus as have they always did, they slay them by a word of unbelief, and from behind closed doors.

It seems that the modern day church can be defined by miracle stopping hang-ups. No matter the denomination, it seems that faking miracles is a commonplace occurrence. The Baptists resist accepting the five-fold ministry of the Christian church. The Pentecostals make prophets out to be tongue-rattling extremists.

And all the host of Christian in-between divisions takes offense one with another. So in an effort to win the church popularity contest, everyone resorts to the old “it’s on the way” fallback.

Now I speak not of men and women who call themselves prophets but who talk with a false tongue of things to come but that do not ever arrive. Neither do I speak of those who cast vague words that can easily be read in a manner similar to the manner of astrology, numbers and tarot cards.

Rather I speak of prophets who are precise in any predictions concerning individuals or groups, prophets who give precise details that can only be fitted to an exact happening, anointed prophets enpowered by the true presence of the Holy Spirit. But more so, I speak of prophet who rightly divides the Scripture, brings full illumination into areas that have been interpreted darkly, and who remains bold even against the greatest resistance from organized religion.

And how shall you know a true prophet? Scripture says it in this manner:

Dear Christian friend, please bring this mockery of miracle stopping faith to an end. Wait for maturity. Work for maturity. Study and understand what you believe and why you believe it. Listen to the voices that point out these errors. God has not sent His modern-day prophets in vain. Rather do as did the Jews in Berea:

If I have used harsh language, this is as God intended. He is coming soon, and He is not pleased with all this religious nonsense. Stop playing “snake handler.” Rather get about with the reaping, for the “fields are ripe and the labors are few.”

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