Installing Blown in Cellulose Insulation the Right Way

We all know that during the winter insulation companies dallas tx, a house can get very cold. To combat the frigid temperatures outside, you can blast the heater, but if you’re constantly running the heating system, your monthly energy bills will skyrocket. One of the most cost-effective ways to help heat your home and reduce the amount of money you spend on heating bills during the cold winter months is to upgrade the insulation in your home. Insulation is a material that is placed in the walls and roof spaces of your home to prevent heat loss, reduce noise, and cut down on drafts in your home. One of the best ways of insulating your home is to use blown in cellulose insulation.

Cellulose insulation is made from recycled plant fibers that are typically mixed with a fire retardant chemical. These recycled plant fibers can come from any number of sources, including newspaper, cotton, cardboard, straw, hemp, sawdust, and even corn cobs. These days, most cellulose insulation is made with recycled newspaper that has been ground up and run through a dust reducing machine. As mentioned earlier, a fire retardant chemical is generally added to the newspaper as well.

How is blown in cellulose insulation applied to the walls and attic of your house? To install cellulose insulation, the area you plan to have insulated will be measured. Then all access points will be blocked off so that they aren’t covered in insulation. Next, the insulation is blown in through a hose starting in a back corner, so the installer can work backwards towards the exit and not be sealed. There will be a period of drying after the blown in cellulose insulation is installed. It is beneficial to employ a company that is knowledgeable and experienced in the application of cellulose insulation that is blown in. Make sure you find a company that will provide you with a professional job and use only the best materials.

What are the advantages of insulation? It is generally accepted that cellulose performs better in insulation tests than fiberglass and can actually help reinforce the structure of the house. Blown in cellulose insulation can also save homeowners up to 50% on their home heating and cooling bills. This type of insulation is also effective in preventing mold and pests from living in the walls of your home because it repels moisture. Since cellulose insulation is mixed with a fire retardant, it is also much less likely to catch on fire, increasing the safety of your home and your family.

To conclude, installing blown in cellulose insulation can be an excellent way to cut down on your home heating bills during the winter months. It will help to keep your house cool during the summer months, as well. It is important that you find a company that is both experienced and knowledgeable regarding the proper installation of blown in insulation.

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