How to Protect Your Deck With Commercial Waterproofing

Water intrusion is a serious threat to the structural integrity of commercial buildings, remaining where it penetrated the surface and causing decay slowly and inevitably. When it comes to exterior St louis deck builders , a commercial deck waterproofing system should be installed for water protection and as part of an intensive waterproofing membrane designed for the facility.

To protect exterior decks from damages, below are some ways that property managers implement their commercial deck waterproofing system: 

1. Waterproof the deck foundations during construction.

The commercial deck waterproofing system properly installed in the early stages of construction guarantees that any water present during building had no way of seeping through the freshly-constructed deck structure. Deck foundations should also be waterproofed at this initial stage.

2. Choose the most appropriate commercial deck waterproofing product.

The commercial deck waterproofing product must accurately address specific facility requirements. There are waterproofing coatings for above or below-grade decks, and specific products for concrete, steel, wood or other types of surface. The choice of coatings should rely on the need to provide waterproofing protection; withstand heavy, frequent, and high-volume loads; and provide business-enhancing aesthetics at the same time. 

3. Clean the deck prior to commercial deck waterproofing system installation.

The deck should be cleaned up to remove accumulated dirt and debris on the surface, before the waterproofing system is applied. Pressure washing or a hose down ensures that tightly-lodged particles are also removed. Surface-appropriate cleaning solutions should be used on the deck, followed by a thorough rinse down. 

4. Apply the commercial deck waterproofing product following product instructions.

The waterproofing material should be applied properly and evenly on the deck, using appropriate tools such as brushes or rollers. The recommended drying time should be observed properly following product instructions. It is critical for the area to be void of foot or vehicle traffic to allow the product a full cure.

5. Regularly check roofs and walls for any sign of leaks.

Cracks in walls and roofs allow more moisture to flow into flat exterior decks. The heavier volume of water constantly staying on decks can weaken the coatings and lose its waterproofing protection. Repairing the leaks as soon as they are detected will ensure that the decks are exposed to water less frequently, maintaining the good condition of the coatings system. 

6. Regularly check the commercial deck waterproofing system for any sign of damage.

The waterproofing system is also subject to time-driven deterioration. It has to be checked for any signs of damage, which should be repaired as early as possible. Repairs should be performed by your waterproofing coatings contractor to ensure they are done correctly and to manufacturer’s specifications. The remediation activities depend on the current condition of the deck and the state of the existing waterproofing system. 

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