How to Make Money By Writing a Book – And It’s Not Just About Selling It!

But the obvious answers usually aren’t the best answers. If you’re banking on your um curso em milagres sales alone to increase your income, don’t expect any amount near your dream income.

The truth is selling your book alone won’t get you the desired income you were hoping for. So many people want to write their own books. From golfers to weightlifters, psychics to financial analysts, and wine makers to airplane builders-they all want to cash in on their own books, hoping for Lady Luck to come visit them so they’d hit the best-sellers list.

What all these aspiring authors don’t know, and what you’re about to learn, is that there’s a much better way to earn money from your books.

This is not a one-off approach. You will not be able to accomplish this using a single technique or in a day or two days, or even a week. But if you’re going to take our advice and apply it to your book selling efforts, you will most likely come off very successful with your book sales.

The thing is you can’t just think you can write a good book, even an excellent book, and assume the money will start coming your way.

There are two approaches to selling your book. The first approach is what most people take, even though they would rather not. Most would-be authors think this is the only approach to making money with a book. They realize only in the end it almost always doesn’t work.

The Blood, Sweat and Tears Approach

With this approach, you can definitely dream of making loads of money and become world-famous by selling your book. But this is a dangerous approach. It requires you to give it all you’ve got if you plan to earn money simply by selling truckloads of copies.

You’ll need to invest monumental amounts of time and effort into the creation of your book. You don’t need to make it remarkable. You need to make it revolutionary. You need to shake the status quo and offer something completely different.

Your ideas don’t just need to be good. They need to be absolutely compelling. And you can’t rely on just a single idea to get you through. You’ll need to jam-pack your book with tons of compelling ideas.

You’ve got to do what Tim Ferriss did when he wrote The Four-Hour Work Week. You have to fill your book to the brim with ideas your readers have never heard of before.

That’s why we call it the blood, sweat and tears approach. If you’re planning to earn millions of dollars simply by selling your book, then make sure you’ve given it all you’ve got.

And not only that, you have to be a ridiculously awesome marketer too to ensure your book stands out from the millions of other books also vying for a spot in the bestsellers list.

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