Expats In Spain Must Renew Driving Licences After Two Years

Any European citizens, who are residing in Spain for more than a period of two years, are bound to renew their existing California Fake driver’s license as per the new EU regulations.

According to the published online press release, the law came into force in a recent meeting regarding the renewal of the existing driving licences under new EU regulations between the two parties. The one party is Spanish traffic authority and the other is the representatives from the consulates of the 28 European member states.

Only the official resident of Spain, living for the period of two or more years with effect from the starting of 19th January, 2013 are coming under the implementation of the EU citizens rule.

The person who is getting a residence certificate after this date will be subject to be renewed two years after first becoming resident. Thus, if you become a resident in Spain on the date of 21st of February 2014, then after just two years, on the date of 21st of February 2016, as per the Spanish authorities, you will be liable to renew your driving license.

The rule is however applied to 15 years or more licences for motorcycles and cars of Group 1 type and 5 year licences Group 2 larger vehicle categories.

Step Two: After making the contact, you need to renew your licence on the second appointment. For that you need to take a basic aptitude and fitness test.

The intention of applying the rule is to ensure the implementation of standardization for the entire Spain to use the same EU style driving licence along with increasing road safety aspect.

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