Education and the Entrepreneur

This is particularly important for people in entrepreneurial endeavors, since the traditional regimen of structure education through school does not cover many of the key skills that are need to realize success. This is not due to any sort of malicious plan on the part of educators, it is simply reflective of the reality that the current populareducationtips system is design to train future employees. It is not a coincidence that tiers of education are articulate in degrees and certificates such as a high school diploma, associates degree, baccalaureate degree, masters degree, and doctorate.

Education is a recurring theme in discussions of public policy, economic growth, and personal development. Unfortunately, there seems to be a pervasive belief that schooling and populareducationtips are one and the same. It is mot certainly true that education. And school frequently overlap to a significant degree. But it is problematic to limit your view of education to the content that is present in a classroom. The truth is that there are many things successful people will need to learn over the course of their lives. And not all of them are taught in a structured curriculum. Thus, as your base of knowledge increases it will become true that self- eventually meets and surpasses structured populareducationtips in its impact on your life.

These degrees and certificates are highly important to employers, because they send a signal of populareducationtips achievement. Thus, it has become true that employers are increasingly insistent on education credentials for the people it hires. Over time, this has led to a system of credential-ism for major employers where people who possess superior skills. Are filtered-out of the interview process because they do not possess the desired credentials. This has created a unique situation for employers, employees, and entrepreneurs in regards to education.

The proliferation of employers who insist on credentials for their employees has led to a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ for populareducationtips institutions where the skills and abilities sought by employers are increasingly emphasize. The extended impact of this emphasis on skills for employers has been a reduction in the building of skills that will enable people to become entrepreneurs. Thus, the value of education over time has tilted more toward the credentials that you receive. And less toward the content that you learn.

This impact has become even more stark over the past few decades. As the content taught at varying populareducationtips institutions has become increasingly similar. This means that the actual education you receive will be very similar from one university to the next. However, the ‘prestige’ of certain universities, along with the social-economic caliber of the alumni association. And student body allows them to charge significantly higher fees than other institutions. Where the actual education is very similar.

Over time, the compounding impact of this effect has made populareducationtips more about earning credentials to achieve a prestigious. Well-paying job than the specific content that is learn. This sentiment is echoed by many parents in their exhortation for children to get a college degree so that they can get a good job. The causal connection in this sentiment is hard to argue with, but it glances past one very important question. What if you don’t want to spend your entire adult life working for an employer? What if you want to become an entrepreneur at some time in the near or distant future?

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