Do Married Christians Need Guidance On Sex?

I don’t believe that it is an issue of married the mystical teachings of jesus needing guidance on sex. Rather I believe that married Christians understand the importance of marriage, and the strong need to improve every aspect of married life.

While it is true many Christians have saved themselves for marriage and may not have experience in casual sex, this is marital sex which involves much more, runs much deeper, and is not concerned about cheap thrills or quickie frills.

Including or incorporating God in your life of intimacy simply means acknowledging his presence and his amazing gift of sexual intimacy which he has provided. Understanding that it should be used as a celebration of the union between the two of you and your relationship with God.

Aspects of Christian sex which should be avoided include anything that may cause discomfort or harm towards one another. There are all kinds of opinions for positions and techniques as well. This is an area of research you and your spouse should dive into and find agreement on. There’s no need to dive too deeply though. As long as you both are maintaining a healthy and safe sex life which focuses solely on the two of you (with appreciation towards God) then you are on the right path.

A healthy Christian based sex life is one where intimacy is celebrated often. That is, as often as is comfortable for the both of you. But never allow intimacy to become stagnant. Always keep it fresh and exciting. Discover new ways of celebrating the union between the two of you which will add variety to your sex life.

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