Adopting a Kitten – The Benefits of Kitten Rescue

Okay, now you have decided that you want to adopt a exotic shorthair kittens for sale. The next step is deciding the manner in which you are going to obtain your new friend. From local classified ads to the Humane Society to kitten rescue services, there are countless ways to bring a new kitten into your home. One source in particular that many people have a tendency to overlook is the local kitten rescue service. You should really take another look, because there are particular advantages that you may not be fully aware of.


The primary difference between kitten rescue and other pet adoption services is the social environment that the kittens are subjected to while they are waiting to be chosen. Rather than being held primarily in a series of cages in one location, rescue kittens are fostered out to local volunteers so they can receive the individual care that many of them need. This individual care socializes them well to people, as well as ensures that they are fully trained to use the litter box.


Due to the fostering process inherent to these services, the individual kittens tend to be in better health than from other sources. Many of them are sick, abused, or abandoned when they are brought to kitten rescue, and their foster parents carefully nurse them back to health so they can be adopted. They are also given a thorough medical examination by a qualified veterinarian to ensure that they are in good health. In many cases, the adoption fee is applied directly to the costs of vaccinations and having the kitten spayed or neutered.


Many of the kittens that are delivered to kitten rescue are from the local Humane Society or animal shelter. These places, in order to ensure that there is room and funding for all the animals that come in, have to euthanize kittens that have gone unclaimed for too long. Kitten rescue gives them another chance at life. If you are a supporter of animal rights, that alone gives you reason to give these services a second look. Even if you aren’t, it still gives you the opportunity to find treasures that have been looked over by others.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using a kitten rescue service for your kitten adoption needs. That is not to say that animal shelters and newspapers can’t unite you with a special, fuzzy little friend that will give you endless hours of joy, but kitten rescue offers a particular perspective and service that should be given due consideration.

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