50 Stratgies to Market Your Books

It is no secret that a successful acim is five percent writing, and 95% promotion! You could even compare creating a best-selling book to running a marathon, with each year of your life promoting your book, representing one mile run towards your 26-mile journey. Most authors are not willing to do what it takes successfully market their book.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the Publishers Market Association reports that 98% of authors will never sell more than 2,000 copies of their book. Self-publishing guru, Dan Poynter compares promoting a successful book to spending 18 years raising your child.

In the last seven years of selling over 125,000 copies of my book, I have executed most all of the strategies listed below in one form or another. Some have worked very well, and others not so well, but all have worked! You need to decide which marketing strategies best fit your personality, and which will help you achieve your book goals as quickly as possible.

Remember, if you don’t stand up and tell the world about your book, then no one else will. Dan Poynter states that best-seller status is achieved when and author sell 35,000 copies of their book. I challenge you to implement these strategies so that you can turn your book into a best-seller.

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