Offshore Software Development India

To safeguard the development process there sms gateway has to be established practices where the offshore software development company keeps the the outsourcing comapny informed about the progress on a regular basis. Both parties need to follow a communication methodology wherein they acknowledge mails immediately and also ensure that emails are not lost or left unanswered.

This email communication plays a vital role as most of the dialog between the engineers and the client is done via this mode. We have found that communication between the offshore software development partner and the outsourcer through document sharing intranet sites like or certain chat-group-ware like ICQ to be the best means of ironing out technical problems.

It is also important that clear specifications are made. Based on the specs, engineers from the offshore software development company ask questions and get answers to get a full understanding of the project. Good specifications result in good quality software and considerable savings in time taken to complete projects.Please check out This doesn’t replace Email but is a very good compliment to Email.

In the case of research or in cases when the offshore software development company actually produces the specification, this process of course has to be modified to suit actual requirements.
We believe a project should start with a meeting or an email-dialog* between the parties, to define the business problem and the software solution. This meeting will also include setting project goals, milestones and time frames

For small projects email dialog might be sufficient. Next, the offshore software development company should submit a proposal. At Savitr Software Services Private Limited we work with both non-binding and binding estimates, fixed price or running hours. What is chosen depends on what the client is comfortable with and the type and nature of project.

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