Golf Betting – The Sports Betting Alternative betforward بدون فیلتر

Although it is down there considerably on the list of popular sports betforward بدون فیلتر alternatives, golf is nevertheless a great sport to bet on for those who understand it. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the things to consider when you are betting on golf. As we mentioned, golf is not as popular either in viewership or in betting volume as a lot of other sports. What this means for the punter, however, is that there are going to be higher value bets placed on major golf tournaments, and a person does not have to worry as much about the “masses” skewing the numbers.

Even when the masses have their say, most of the time it can work in the favor of the bettor. You ask ten people on the street to name a golfer they would bet on to win a given game in the US Masters Series, and odds are ten out of ten will say Tiger Woods. He’s the biggest name in golf, although when it comes to betting his reputation as the game’s best does not tend to hold up. The fact is, there are any number of highly skilled golfers in that one tournament alone, and the fact that Woods attracts the bets of the masses make almost anyone else a value bet.

Major golf tournaments can involve as many as 100 players, although generally you will only hear about five at the most. That means there are plenty of good bets, because a lot of those players are good enough to win. A good example is Angel Cabrera’s recent win in the Masters, which he took despite being the lowest ranked champion in two decades.

Lost in all the hubbub is the fact that Cabrera has not actually won a Major tournament since 2002. That’s a lot of lost bets in between! The news stories about golf tend to skew the numbers quite a bit. One I recently read stated (truthfully) that three players had dominated the last few Majors tournaments, taking 7 of the last 8.

The numbers, however, don’t really attest to domination; Cabrera has taken as many as Immelman (both have one), with Harrington at three and Woods at two. Bookies are offering Cabrera, Woods, and Harrington as a trio bet for the next tournament, but smart sports betting strategy says leave that one alone and take Mickelson or even Immelman at higher value.

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