Craft Spirit food pairings for Christmas

When you think of Christmas festive food,Craft Spirit food pairings for Christmas Articles craft spirits are the best beverages to pair them with because they are festive, easy to drink and very enjoyable. Craft gin such as Old Bakery Gin or Archangel Gin with their flavourful and aromatic experiences, as well as other types of spirits such as craft rum or whisky (The Lakes Whisky comes to mind) are some of the choices to make during this pappy van winkle 23 for sale.

The best way to do this is by using the same flavours that are in your food; it will make tasting them both together even more fun. For example, you could drink a rum Spiced Holiday Punch with some gingerbread cookies or maybe try something like an eggnog cocktail for Christmas breakfast.

What craft spirits should I pair my Christmas festive food with? There are quite a few options depending on what kind of spirit you prefer but we would definitely recommend trying out either Rum, Brandy/Cognac or Whisky, because these three go well with most festive foods especially if they have spice involved such as cinnamon or nutmeg.

Other craft spirit pairings that would go well with Christmas time food are:

Craft gin with foods such as fish or tuna.
Craft Vodka with dishes such as creamy pastas, risotto, vodka sauce pasta and grilled meats.
Coffee Liqueur for desserts. Try coffee infused ice cream or a sweet pastry to wash it all down after your meal.
Whisky Sour Cocktail if you are looking for something refreshing on the rocks. Perfect for brunch time during winter months when its freezing outside.

Tips for making the perfect cocktail at home

If you are looking to entertain friends and family during the festive season, then some cocktails would be the ideal addition to your beverage menu. Here are a few craft spirit cocktails you can make to wow your guests:

Spiced Cranberry Punch.
The Ginger Snap Cocktail.
Warm Spiced Cider with rum & bourbon.
Classic Hot Buttered Rum.

Recipes to make your party a success!

Did you know that you can also add some craft spirits into your Christmas cooking to make the flavours of the food even more extraordinary? Here are some suggestions:

Cranberry Sauce with Craft Spirits
Holiday Apple Galette – You can make this by using apple cider and craft rum for this recipe.
Glazed Ham with rum & brown sugar – Adding some craft rum into your glazed ham can be a great idea.
Gingerbread Cookies with Rum Icing – Adding even just half tablespoon of craft rum can really enhance the flavour profile on these cookies and make them taste better than ever before.
Spiced Christmas Cake – When making Christmas cake try adding a little craft rum into the mix to make it taste better than ever before.
Cinnamon Glazed Carrots – Adding some craft rum can really change up these carrots and give them a whole new dimension of flavour that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Craft spirits are the perfect addition to your party drinks and cooking this holiday season, so make sure you try them out. They will definitely be a hit.

Hot toddy recipes to warm you up this winter season.

Hot Toddy is a favourite drink for this cold season, and here’s how you can make it using craft spirits. Making Hot Toddy is easy; all you need is:

One cup of hot water (boiled) and one teaspoon lemon juice. Add a small slice of lemon, clove and brown sugar to the mix if desired.
A shot glass with craft spirits inside (whisky). If not available, your favourite spirit will do just fine. You can also use rum or tequila for this drink too.
Pour the liquor into the cup slowly over ice cubes so it doesn’t lose its heat quickly, and you are done.

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