ACIM Bookstore – Miracle Or Fraud? Does it Really Work?

ACIM Bookstore: Those of you who follow my articles will realize that I’m a big fan of Atkins. I tell people that I’m on Atkins as I turn away donuts or cake or other offerings – and the conversations that result make me realize just how misunderstood the Atkins Diet really is.

Even people who want to start a low-carb diet don’t properly understand it, because reading has become such a lost art in America – many people get their information in short snippets on the Internet, or from casual conversation – and don’t take the time to study the issue themselves. As a result, many people have ‘tried’ Atkins – yet few people have actually followed the Atkins Diet.

If you are interested in one of the truly great ways to lead a healthy life at the proper weight, you owe it to yourself to actually read Dr. Atkin’s book – for only then will you understand just what the diet actually consists of. Don’t presume that what you believe the diet is, is what Dr. Atkin’s said it was!

Nor is Atkin’s the only ‘low-carb’ diet out there – there are many others, Atkin’s is merely the best known. Other somewhat lesser known low carb diets are:

1. Southbeach

2. Charles Hunt’s Diet Evolution

3. Sugar Busters

4. Neanderthin

5. Dr. Sear’s Zone Diet

And many others… the key to all of them is the realization that the body doesn’t need carbs, and that most carbs are treated the same way in the body. As simply sugar. Eating a simple banana, for example, is just the same as popping three spoons of sugar. I must confess that giving up bananas was one of the sadder things I had to do on Atkins.

The USDA and the medical industry will decry the Atkins Diet – and you’ll not hear very much good about it in the traditional mass media – but everyone must examine the facts for themselves, and make their own judgment. The place to start is Dr. Atkin’s own book, where you can understand just what the diet consists of. And since his book is available in just about any used bookstore in the country for a dollar or so, there’s no excuse you can have not to go to the source and read it!

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